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Dining Guide Info


The participating restaurants include some of the best in the county, some new and some of most well established. Each restaurant has a specific offer, but they generally entitle you to "One complimentary Lunch or Dinner Entree with a purchase of a Second of Equal or Greater Value".  In most cases, the discount for dinner ranges from $12-15 and from $8-10 for lunch. The discount is generally greater during the week, Sunday through Thursday, than on the weekends. Restaurant hours, an introduction to the restaurant, contact information and a copy of their current menu are also provided.  Your dinner card may be used one time at each location. There are a set of numbers on the back of your dining card which correspond to the number the restaurant is given in the book. After you have redeemed your discount, restaurant staff will punch a hole in your dining card on their number, so that it is easy for you to see what restaurants you have already visited with a glance at your card.  Your card is valid any day of the week, with the exclusion of banquets or on holidays, such as Easter, Mother's Day, New Year's Eve, Thanksgiving and other similar holidays. The price does not include sales tax or gratuity. The dining card is a great way to try restaurants where perhaps you have never dined.  The discount provides a great reason to go to that restaurant you may have always wanted to visit, but just never got around to. 

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